Maharaja Restaurant, Chikmagalur

You can sulk in your taste buds in our exclusive multi cuisine restaurant located just 3 minutes walk from the hotel.

Whether you are in the mood for cuisine from the North, Mughlai, Tandoori or concoctions from the Far East, we have it all. Our specialties include Shahi Paneer, Punjabi Chicken and Mutton Rogan Ghosht.

If you were the adventurous connoisseur, we would highly recommend you to try our Maharaja Style stir Fried chicken where we have amalgamated Indian culture with the Chinese to come up with an innovative culinary fusion.

Since we believe in living the Maharaja way, we highly recommend you to dig into our authentic Mutton Biryani, which is the pride of our menu; we pride ourselves in claiming it to be the best Biryani in this part of the world.

Phone : +918262231312


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